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Diesse S.r.l. / Tiller DS84

Tiller DS84

Recoil start with self-winding cord cm, cone
clutch in oil bath, 3 speed one plus one
reverse gear with gears in oil-bath, 2 universal
joint shafts (one synchronised), adjustable
handlebars, tine guard, 6 bladed tines with disc
blades (100 cm).

Working width from 70 to 120 cm.
Weight approx. 128 kg



Pair of tines to expand working width

Complete tine set (6 bladed tines with discs)

Pair of grass mower cylinder blades

Pair of side mounted wheels

Full Adjustable

Front pivoting wheel (with inner tube)

ROTOcut kit with transmission guard

Pair of fixed hubs for coupling wheels

Bonnet for Motor 15 LD 315/350

Three cylinders for rolling the ground

Pair of Tires wheels 4.00 x 8

Cutter Adjustable for beetroot

Pair of semidifferential hubs for wheel attachment

Full single-barrel plough

Potato harvester

Additional lighting system with headlamp and bonnet for 6 LD

Sliding irrigation Pump
Rain Irrigation Pump

Flanged Irrigation Pump with disengagement

Trailer with brakes – 500 kg capacity (NOT approved for use on public roads)

Trailer with drive wheels, handlebar or steering wheel control, Lighting and stop system, caisson size to be determined,
wheels, 5.00 x 12 (the mower must be prepared with Lighting system). NOT approved for use on public roads

Undercarriage and 200 litre tank, brakes, air intake and exhaust pipes

Pair of 500 x 130 iron cage wheels

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