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Shaker DS 901 S


DS 901 S is the first electric shaker in its kind, built by DIESSE srl.
The shaker DS 901 S marks a turning point in the field of electric machines for harvesting olives proposing the new system with two combs overlapped with oscillatory movement opposite. This system, in addition to ensuring very low vibrations of the machine, is particularly performing in the harvesting of olives (even the most tenacious) causing them to fall into the perimeter of the plant. The excellent ergonomics of the head, together with the long poles in carbon fibre and kevlar, ensures an excellent penetration into the plants (even the thickest), without causing damage to the plant itself. The head kinematics made with self-lubricating materials and completely mounted on bearings, ensure reliability over time and very low maintenance. The half-shells of the head and the new combs have been modified to minimise the penetration of dust and dirt into the transmission organs. The shaker DS 901 S comes complete with a polarized power cable (15 mt) with fuse protection and extension (1 mt). Fixed shaking rod