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Diesse S.r.l. / Transporters Donkey T500GP

Transporters Donkey T500GP

Motore 4 tempi a benzina, trasmissione meccanica,
marce 6+2, sterzata con disinnesti meccanici,
cingoli in gomma, capacità di carico 500 kg
in piano, 400 kg in pendenza. Cassone ribaltabile

Peso kg. 195 circa


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HONDA GP 200 Cassone con sponde

Transporters Donkey 285

Four stroke petrol engine, 4 speed gearbox (3 forward gears plus reverse), handlebar with levers, rubber caterpillar traction, rollers mounted on nylon bushings with removable pins, caterpillar tension is spring adjusted, safety lever with belt clutch and tensioner, manual or hydraulic tipping, 1000x750x250 mm payload area, with telescoping side walls or dumper, 5 km/h max speed, 500 kg payload capacity.